• We get asked this question on a daily basis.  The simple answer is the price of a garage door can range from $500 to $8,000 for a single door.  Since that range is really too big to be at all helpful for you, let’s start at the top.

    The most common size of a garage door is 9’ wide by 7’ tall.  In the effort of keeping this simple to understand, I’ll be using this size to for the below ballpark prices.  Naturally a 16×7 double door will be a little less than double.  8’ tall doors are also becoming very popular, and are generally 25% more.

    Garage doors come in a variety of materials.  Galvanized steel is by far the most common and easiest on your wallet.  This steel is colored by a baked on epoxy, and many colors are available for no additional charge.

    We pride ourselves in selling quality product that will stand the test of time.  You may find a cheaper door elsewhere, but we firmly believe that in life and garage doors, you get what you pay for.


    Traditional Raised Panel Doors:

     Steel Pan Doors:

    9×7 Price range: $500-$700

    These doors come standard as a hollow 2” thick door.  There is optional polystyrene insulation that can be placed inside the cavity, which has a vinyl backing.

    Non-insulated windows are available for $150 per door

    Click here for a .pdf on pan doors 


    Steel two-sided doors: (polystyrene R-10)

    9×7 Price range: $600-$800

    These doors have a 3 layer construction: steel, polystyrene insulation, then steel again.

    For rigidity and strength, we always try to sell this type of door.  While you may save money up front with a pan door, we want that door to hold up to time.  This door is much quieter than a pan door when operating, and will provide more resistance to denting.  This is the perfect door for a detached garage or one beside your home.

    You can choose non-insulated windows for $150/door or insulated for $200/door with grills.

    Click here for a .pdf on Steel 2 sided doors

    CHI model 2283 with windows

    CHI model 2283 with windows


    Steel two-sided doors: (Thermal R-17)

    9×7 Price range: $800-$1,000

    These doors have a 3 layer construction: steel, polyurethane insulation, then steel again.

    This is the ideal door if you have living area above your garage.  These doors are 2” thick and provide an r-value of 17.  That is similar to having another 2×6 construction wall, instead of a door!  If you have a room above your garage that is always the coldest room in your home, this is your solution.

    Windows come standard as insulated starting at $200/door

    Click here for a .pdf on Thermal doors 

    CHI model 2216

    CHI model 2216 with stockton windows


















    Carriage House Doors:

    The evolution of the carriage house door has done wonders for the curb appeal on so many homes.  These doors operate overhead the same as the above doors; they just look like they swing out.  This design has become very popular in the past 10 years, and many new buyers are looking for this type of door when considering purchasing a new home.


    Stamped Steel:

    9×7 Price Range: $700-$1200

    Carriage house doors start off as a stamped steel design.  This is the least expensive type of carriage door.  A recessed v-groove stamp is placed on the section as opposed to the traditional raised panel.    This style door is available in any r-value from 0-17, in any construction of the above doors.  Decorative handles and straps are placed on the door to give it the classic swing-out look.

    Windows range from $150-$300 per door

    Here is our page on stamped steel doors 

    CHI model 5283 with cascade windows

















     Overlay Doors:

    9×7 Price Range: $2000-$5000

    Overlay Carriage House doors are by far our favorite.  These doors give you all the beauty of a painted wood door, but without all the maintenance!  There are several layers of overlay doors:


    Steel with overlay: A flush steel door is applied with fiberglass boards to mimic a wood door.  This is the entry level in Overlay products were the flush steel door can be seen as part of the design.

    Examples can be seen here 


    Steel with overlay


    Steel with fiberglass overlay: This door takes the overlay door to a whole new level.   The flush steel door is faced with a full fiberglass bead board, and then has fiberglass boards over top of that.  This is a beautiful product that truly will enhance your curb appeal.

    Examples can be seen here 

    CHI with fiberglass overlay

    Steel with wood overlay:  This door is constructed very similar to the fiberglass door, but is instead faced with Western Red Cedar.  The wonderful thing about this door is you can have an exquisite stained wood door with an r-value of 17!  Up until this point, the highest R-Value you could get on a wooden carriage door was aprox 9.

    Windows range from $200-$300 per door

    Examples can be seen here 



    Wood Carriage House doors:

    Price range $3,500-$8,000.

    There is no arguing with the natural beauty of wood.   Cedar & Mahogany are the most common and are absolutely gorgeous as is. These types of doors will significantly enhance the beauty of a home’s exterior. So much in fact, they will often raise the value of the home. Expect to pay significantly more for these doors than the more common styles shown above.


    Here is our selection of Wood doors 


    Raynor ArborShore with Arched Stockton Glass


    CHI 5500 Cedar overlay with Madison glass

    Steel White Raised Panel

    Steel White Raised Panel model 2250

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